Why Trucking Companies Are Struggling to Meet the Growing E-Commerce Delivery Needs in 2021

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E-Commerce is the biggest it has ever been.

COVID-19 destroyed millions of jobs worldwide, but one industry that flourished through 2020 was e-commerce.

The growth wasn’t a result of breakthroughs in the industry. It was just because home deliveries were the need of the hour. 

Deliveries themselves were an absolute mess. Orders were being delayed weeks, and vendors had to suffer through thousands of angry customer complaints about late deliveries. 

Every e-commerce platform on the internet has a small note on the top saying the delivery will be delayed. 

But, the question is, why? 

Delivery employees were labeled essential workers and received an all-access pass to continue working unrestricted.

While there are a lot of small factors affecting delivery times, the top contributor to these delays is trucking companies have been slow to adopt the tools necessary to operate efficiently in the new world economy. 

Trucking companies are functioning, but there’s a lot of efficiencies left on the table because both the dispatchers and the truck drivers don’t have the right tools at their disposal to streamline the delivery process. 

The question arises; how can a trucking company maximize efficiency and completely eliminate the possibility of late/delayed orders?

This is where delivery logistics automation software helps.

A delivery logistics automation software is a new generation technology that empowers your TMS.

A regular TMS is essentially a storage room of field data that your dispatcher can manually review to manage deliveries.

A delivery logistics automation software takes the data from your TMS and synthesizes it and makes decisions from planning and dispatch all the way to POD. Allowing your employees to save time on repetitive tasks.

Trucking companies that adopted delivery logistics automation software saw an increase in efficiency, reduced late deliveries, and increased customer satisfaction – staying on top of their deliveries.

Will trucking companies continue using basic TMS and manual labor and try catching up to Amazon that is expanding into every city?

Or will they adopt the new technology tools and thrive?

One of those thriving companies is Javelin Logistics that adopted GraphLI last year.

Learn about GraphLI’s Plug-N-Play modules and how they integrate seamlessly with your operations.

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Author: Vinodh
is the CEO of GraphLI with more than 15 years building enterprise software and solving unique problems in the logistics and transportation space.

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