GraphLI Planner

Benefits dispatchers by automating order matching with efficient routes.

Achieve optimal utilization of active resources with GraphLI’s Continuous Planning and deliver more with your existing assets.

GraphLI Planner ensures you achieve the highest number of deliveries per truck by using a complex proprietary algorithm to automatically match orders to routes based on geographical location, traffic data from drivers on the road, customer preferred time windows, verified customer locations, and priorities.

Ready to optimize your first and last-mile deliveries?

Optimal Order Matching

All valid orders in the system get matched with available trucks including planning route renewals to ensure the maximum number of deliveries happen every day.

Route Optimization

Plans your delivery route based on customer time windows and real-time traffic data to maximize your delivery capacity for the route.

Live Rerouting

Dynamically adjusts routes based on changing customer needs while also accounting for other customer delivery demands to ensure optimal efficiency for this route.​