Making The Most Of The Last Mile Logistics for the Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Shipping

Less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping has quickly become an important operation in countless supply chains everywhere, even being dubbed the “new last-mile of last-mile shipping”. This has also meant that the challenges facing last-mile logistics as a whole have even greater effects on LTL shipping specifically.

GraphLI understands that last-mile constraints of LTL shipping require top-shelf solutions using cutting-edge technology powered by AI-enabled algorithms, so that shippers can focus on getting their package to its destination and leave the heavyweight work to GraphLI, saving time, speeding up cash flow, and satisfying everyone from customers happily receiving their packages to drivers delivering without complications.

Maximize Deliveries and Minimize Costs
The goal of any LTL carrier is to make the most deliveries in the least amount of time, but outdated tech constraints have held back most carriers from maximizing their true deliverable capacity. GraphLI’s AI-powered algorithms streamline tedious tasks like best load selection for trucks or route selection based on up-to-date traffic and weather conditions, allowing drivers to increase their delivery loads and carriers to save costs by minimizing trips necessary.

Bring Tracking Into The Modern Age
Tracking codes are no longer good enough for the modern customer. Your customers demand to know the status of their deliveries at any given time during its transit, which is why GraphLI’s easy-to-use system allows clients to live track their deliveries on a map in real-time.

Communication Is Key
Just like with tracking, today’s customers demand better and more direct communications than traditional setups. GraphLI keeps customers in the loop at all times with its one-stop platform, allowing you to do everything from live chat with drivers or customers to validating compliance on a delivery.

Performance Analytics and Forecasting
What good to you is your data if you don’t make the most of it? GraphLI allows you to integrate and analyze all types of data available to you, from GPS information to order statistics, so that you are always apprised of trends, constraints, and anything else the data show us. Similarly, AI-enabled behavior analytics allow GraphLI to assess drivers based on metrics that matter to you, from delivery satisfaction to exception rates, so that every part of your operation can be analyzed for the best results.

Managing A Changing Landscape
Most logistics operations and supply chains were built to manage long-distance deliveries via large commercial vehicles, but the rise of urbanization has altered the demographic landscape and changed the rules. With deliveries increasingly being made in urban areas, different methods of transportation and adjustments to last-mile logistics are needed, which is why GraphLI allows LTL providers to consider new criteria, from increased traffic congestion to available parking likelihood to detours for city events, when deciding factors like route optimization or best load per truck.

Streamlining Cash Flow
Why wait for bills and contracts to be sorted, officiated, and closed in person, delivery-by-delivery? GraphLI allows delivered drivers to complete a delivery and upload proof of delivery before the order is passed to the billing and accounts module, where GraphLI’s algorithms determine if the rules and conditions of the client’s contract are met. With the click of a button, the order is completed, validated, and the bill is passed on to clients, speeding up your company’s cash flow.

Give your customers the flexibility of LTL with its affordable cost… while keeping the customer updated in real-time every step of the way.