How Location Based Visualization and Analysis Empowers Your ETA

Posted by: Jeffery
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Over the last few years we have been trying to learn everything we can about the logistics industry and the current challenges companies are facing.  

During this period we talked to stakeholders across the industry including logistics operators, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and technology providers.  

No matter who we talked to, everyone was trying to reach a similar goal: more visibility.

Depending on who you talk to “more visibility” can have different meanings.  

For logistics operations it is about understanding internal efficiency and asset utilization, while for customers it typically boils down to two simple questions; 

Where is my stuff, and when will it arrive? 

The first question, “Where is my stuff”, can be solved fairly easily by capturing live location tracking information via a mobile app, electronic logging device (ELD), or even directly from a telecommunication provider, and then exposing that data in an intelligent, privacy conscious way to customers.  

However, the “When will it arrive” question (aka ETA) is much more difficult as it requires a complex geospatial analysis involving live tracking information and a number of other spatial and non-spatial factors including:

  • Pickup and Delivery locations including parking locations
  • Pickup and Delivery time windows
  • Time to complete previous stops in a route
  • Probability of customer delays
  • Route driven and driving behavior
  • Traffic conditions, speed limits, and potential weather delays
  • Driver availability including lunch breaks
  • Truck availability and capacity potentially including renewals
  • Customer booking habits

With the rise of e-commerce, demand based supply chains, and growing customer expectations, the importance of accurate ETAs is only going to increase and continue to be a critical component in ensuring customer satisfaction and logistics operator success.  

At GraphLI we believe the key to improving ETAs lies within location intelligence and our team of geospatial experts are focused on helping logistics operators improve their answers to the questions “Where is my stuff, and when will it arrive?”.

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Author: Jeffery
is the CTO at GraphLI and a GIS expert with more than 12 years of experience, bringing his deep insights and expertise in location intelligence to B2B final mile delivery technology.

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