Make Freshness The Priority

Last-Mile Logistics for the Food & Grocery Industry

Delivery in the food and grocery industry is not as simple as just delivering a parcel within a specific time frame, it is a nexus of time constraints, priorities, and logistical complications.

GraphLI understands that restaurants and grocery stores demand the freshness and quality of their food deliveries not be compromised, which is why GraphLI enables deliverers to stay in control and informed constantly with AI-enabled tech working to ensure that their client’s freshness is always prioritized.

Optimized Deliveries From The Start
Getting off to a good start is crucial in ensuring a day of deliveries goes well, which is why GraphLI algorithms work hard at making everything run smoothly from the beginning. From determining the best load per truck and prioritizing orders by type (live animals vs dry goods), to optimizing route selection based on the most up-to-date traffic and weather data, GraphLI makes sure that everything is considered before deliveries make it out of the warehouse.

Staying Dynamic No Matter What
Every day is different and full of unique challenges that can slow most of us down, but with good communication and AI-optimized technology, nothing can stand in our way. Does your client have a last-minute addition to their order? Worried about traffic conditions as a storm approaches? Nothing to fear, as GraphLI’s continuous planning, integrates the new order and automatically reroutes as necessary while always matching orders and trucks to maximize efficiency.

Stay Informed At All Times
Wondering where a shipment of tomatoes is? Need to cancel an order? Or just trying to verify the chain of custody? GraphLI keeps you in the loop at all times with its easy-to-use, one-stop platform, allowing you to live chat with drivers or clients, check the status of shipments with live tracking, and even verify everything from compliance to chain of custody.

Performance Analytics and Forecasting
What good is data if it’s not being utilized? GraphLI allows you to analyze all types of data available to you, from your truck’s temperature monitors to GPS information, so that you are always apprised of what’s really going on. Similarly, AI-enabled behavior analytics allow GraphLi to assess drivers based on metrics that matter to you, from delivery satisfaction to exception rates, so that every part of your operation can be analyzed for the best results.

Speeding Up Cash Flow
Waiting for bills and contracts to be sorted and officiated, order-by-order, is time-consuming, which means it’s costly, especially with the volume of orders for CPGs rising every day. GraphLI allows drivers to complete a delivery and upload proof of delivery before the order is passed to the billing and accounts module, where GraphLi’s algorithms determine if the rules and conditions of the client’s contract are met. With the click of a button, the order is completed, validated, and the bill is passed on to clients, speeding up your company’s cash flow.

Ready to make freshness the priority?