Making E-Commerce A Strength For Retailers

Last-Mile Logistics for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Shipping

E-commerce has increasingly become a larger percentage of retail sales for consumer packaged goods (CPG), especially since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even as the pandemic winds down, many consumers have become accustomed to the conveniences of online shopping and home delivery, but many retailers have found it hard to keep up with consumer demand in an effective way, as their business model shifts under new trends.

GraphLI understands the constraints that last-mile shipping puts on CPG retailers that have not traditionally been set up to support major e-commerce operations, which is why GraphLI’s cutting-edge AI-enabled technology helps streamlines e-commerce delivery fulfillment for retailers, speeds up cash flow, and provides analytics that are not only insightful but necessary in today’s industry environment.

Empowering The Customer Is Key
Nothing is more important to CPG retailers than the satisfaction of their customers, which is why GraphLI empowers customers through all the steps in the delivery. Does a customer want to cancel their order? Live chat connects the customer to a service representative to cancel the order. Does a customer want an accurate idea of the delivery time? Nothing is more telling than a map, which is why GraphLI provides real-time live tracking of deliveries at all times. Keeping customers empowered keeps them happy.

Integrate With Last-Mile Providers
While some retailers have their own shipping fleet, many choose to fulfill their orders with third-party shippers. While this has its benefits, it can also have its challenges, namely meaningful integration of order fulfillment across both retailer and shipper. GraphLI allows for all participants to operate under one easy-to-use platform, which can manage everything from route selection to verifying compliance on deliveries and beyond.

Optimizing Deliveries In A Changing World
Most retailers’ logistics operations and supply chains were not built to provide same or next-day deliveries to a highly urbanized consumer base. Similarly, outdated tech constraints hold most retail carriers from maximizing their deliverable capacity.

GraphLI optimizes every step in the delivery process, from assessing package contents to assessing the best load per truck to analyzing any relevant data, such as traffic and weather conditions, to optimize the best possible route with AI-enabled algorithms, allowing for more deliveries and lower costs.

Performance Analytics and Forecasting
Retailers understand the importance of data analytics in all of their in-store operations, so why should the delivery process be any less analyzed? GraphLI allows you to integrate and analyze all types of data available to you, from GPS information to order statistics, so that you are always apprised of trends, constraints, and anything else the data show us. Similarly, AI-enabled behavior analytics allow GraphLI to assess drivers based on metrics that matter to you, from delivery satisfaction to exception rates, so that every part of your operation can be analyzed for the best results.

Speeding Up Cash Flow
Waiting for bills and contracts to be sorted and officiated, order-by-order, is time-consuming, which means it’s costly, especially with the volume of orders for CPGs rising every day. GraphLI allows drivers to complete a delivery and upload proof of delivery before the order is passed to the billing and accounts module, where GraphLi’s algorithms determine if the rules and conditions of the client’s contract are met. With the click of a button, the order is completed, validated, and the bill is passed on to clients, speeding up your company’s cash flow.

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