Building A Stronger Supply Chain in Last-Mile Logistics for the Construction Industry

The construction industry faces more challenges than most, and recent events such as supply shortages and the Covid-19 pandemic have made managing construction supply chains even more difficult, especially when many industry players utilize out-of-date technology not suitable for today’s demands.

GraphLI’s AI-enabled technology helps bring construction companies into the modern age of last-mile logistics by fostering easy communication, enhancing the visibility of deliveries, optimizing delivery routes, and much more while analyzing comprehensively your company’s relevant data with smart algorithms to improve everything from ETA accuracy to gaging driver performance with behavior analytics.

A Modern World Needs Modern Tech
Many construction companies’ supply chains were not developed with the logistics necessary to manage today’s demands for builders, suppliers, and other partners. Similarly, outdated technology holds back companies from minimizing costs and optimizing operations.

GraphLI optimizes every step in the delivery process, from assessing package contents to assess the best load per truck to analyzing any relevant data, such as traffic and weather conditions, to optimize the best possible route with AI-enabled algorithms, allowing for more deliveries, higher ETA accuracy, and lower costs.

Getting Off To The Right Start
The key to any last-mile logistics is route selection, as a poorly chosen route can waste time and cost money while the perfectly chosen route can save both. GraphLI’s AI-enabled algorithms take route optimization to a new level, ensuring that no relevant data isn’t considered, from weather to traffic and beyond. Similarly, a good route can only be a great route when it is dynamic. GraphLI technology allows for seamless integration of last-minute orders, alterations, or cancelations with automatic rerouting so that a minute is never wasted.

Keeping Your Supply Chain Transparent
Visibility is a major part of ensuring operations run smoothly, which is why GraphLI enables customers to fully engage with all their deliveries with real-time tracking and live chat. Construction sites involve more moving parts than most operations, which is why keeping track of all deliveries is key. With the click of a button, you can check an order status or in an instant chat with someone to cancel an order or even add a last-minute addition.

Letting Your Data Build Your Company
Data is one of the most valuable assets any company possesses. Having a meaningful insight into data analytics can easily set a company apart from its competitors if they can analyze and utilize it properly. GraphLI allows you to integrate and analyze all types of data available to you so that you are always aware of trends, constraints, and anything else the data shows us. Similarly, AI-enabled behavior analytics allow you to assess drivers based on metrics that matter to you, such as delivery satisfaction or ETA accuracy so that all aspects of your operations are constantly screened for efficiency.

Speeding Up Cash Flow
Waiting for bills and contracts to be sorted and officiated, order-by-order, is time-consuming and complex, especially with the amount of different partners involved in construction projects. GraphLI allows drivers to complete a delivery and upload proof of its completion to the GraphLi platform. There it is automatically passed to the billing and accounts module, where GraphLi’s algorithms determine if the rules and conditions of the client’s contract are met. With the click of a button, the order is completed, validated, and the bill is passed on to clients, speeding up your company’s cash flow.

Ready to bring your construction company into the modern age of last-mile logistics with GraphLI?