Our Mission

Enable first and last-mile trucking companies to change from manned delivery operations to predominantly automated, seamless, unmanned operations.

With the explosion in e-commerce due to drastically changed end consumer buying habits, retailers and manufacturers are frantically looking to partner with trucking companies that are nimble, flexible, and able to provide a highly scalable operation to cater to the new demand of delivering when and where their customers want while keeping their fee affordable.

This is a great opportunity for trucking companies to exponentially grow their business and GraphLI is here to help by bolstering their operations through real-time actionable data to spot trends and help predict future demand in order to drastically reduce cost while keeping customers very happy.

From our research, we found that companies have limited IT budgets and we have designed our SaaS platform such that companies can rapidly adopt tech without any IT team on staff.

Our plug and play, low code platform powered by location intelligence enables these companies to connect, plan, report, observe, support, and track key KPIs, giving you the tools you need to provide a flawless delivery experience for your customers while saving costs and profiting more.

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Vinodh Subramanian | Visionary In Chief / CEO

Jeffery Smith | Architect In Chief / CTO

Enterprise technology builders who gained deep insights into the logistics and transportation industry and have built GraphLI to solve a very specific problem in the first and last mile.

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