Bulking Up On Last-Mile Logistics

Last-Mile Logistics for the Bulk Delivery Industry

Bulk shippers, including everyone from furniture deliverers to heavy duty equipment transporters, are facing a host of challenges as customers’ demand for faster, more convenient deliveries continue to rise. Coordinating customer demands with real world conditions can be difficult without the right technology guiding you.

GraphLI allows bulk shipping companies to manage and grow their capabilities with AI-enabled technology that does everything from delivery route optimization to behavior analytics on drivers, so the most packages get out and delivered in the most effective way possible. Meanwhile, real-time tracking and live chat keep customers updated and satisfied along the way.

Maximize Deliveries With Truck Load & Route Optimization
The objective of any shipper is to make the most deliveries in the least amount of time. However, most shippers are held back from maximizing their potential because of out-of-date technology constraints. GraphLI helps bulk shippers reach their potential with AI-powered algorithms, which streamline tedious tasks like best truck load or route selection based on up-to-date traffic and weather conditions, allowing drivers to increase the number of deliveries they execute, reduce late deliveries, and save costs by increasing efficiency.

Real-Time Tracking
A simple tracking code is no longer sufficient for the customers of today. Customers demand to know the status of their deliveries at any given time during its transit, which is why GraphLI’s easy-to-use system allows clients to live track their deliveries on a map in real-time. Similarly, live tracking allows dispatchers and couriers alike to stay updated on delivery statuses.

Keeping Customers In The Loop
Just like with tracking, today’s customers demand better and more direct communications than traditional setups. GraphLI keeps customers in the loop at all times with its one-stop platform, allowing customers to live chat with dispatchers or couriers to do anything from cancel an order or even change a destination, which is automatically rerouted by GraphLI algorithms.

Data Is Power
Data is the gold of the modern age, highly valuable to all, but useful to only those who know how to utilize it. GraphLI allows you to integrate and analyze all types of data available to you, such as GPS information or ETA accuracy, so that you are always in the loop on trends and constraints the data can show us. Similarly, AI-enabled behavior analytics allow GraphLI to assess individual couriers based on metrics that matter to you, from delivery satisfaction to exception rates, so that every part of your operation can be analyzed for the best results.

Streamlining Cash Flow
Why wait for bills and contracts to be sorted, officiated, and closed in person, delivery-by-delivery? GraphLI allows delivered drivers to complete a delivery and upload proof of delivery before the order is passed to the billing and accounts module, where GraphLI’s algorithms determine if the rules and conditions of the client’s contract are met. With the click of a button, the order was completed, validated, and the bill is passed on to clients, speeding up your company’s cash flow.

Ready to maximize your deliveries and provide real time tracking?