6 Ways to Increase Productivity as a Local Delivery Trucking Company

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COVID-19 has permanently cemented certain trends in the world, and the e-commerce industry has grown tremendously and will continue to grow in the years to come.

Transportation companies are experiencing a surge in freight transportation and are doing their best to manage the chaos.

With this increased demand, local delivery companies need to find ways to stay efficient and cost effective while keeping customers happy.

What can you do as a local delivery trucking company to increase productivity, decrease out-of-pocket costs, and keep customers happy?

Adopt the technology tools that are helping local trucking companies increase productivity in 2021.

Tools such as WMS and TMS have been around for decades and were sufficient to stay afloat before COVID-19.

However, in today’s world of 1-click orders and 2-hour delivery expectations, trucking companies that are doing extremely well are using a delivery logistics automation software that integrates to every part of the delivery process and automates decision making by leveraging data from TMS.

Here are 6 ways delivery logistics automation platform increases your productivity as a local delivery company:

  1. Matching trucks for optimal shipment grouping.
  2. Smarter routes to deliver more while driving less.
  3. Eradicating missed or late deliveries.
  4. Adapting to changes in the delivery time window and ETA.
  5. Managing Exception proactively.
  6. Providing full visibility to all stakeholders.

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Author: Vinodh
is the CEO of GraphLI with more than 15 years building enterprise software and solving unique problems in the logistics and transportation space.

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